Take this quiz to evaluate yourself in 11 important areas for College success.

Do You:

1. Attend classes? Always Sometimes Never
If you skip class you will miss out on essential information and the chance to ask questions.

2. Ask questions? Always Sometimes Never
Communicate in class or make an appointment with the teacher to talk to them privately. You can also seek out college courses in Speech and Communication.

3. Read your material? Always Sometimes Never
It is important to read the material that the teachers give you; they give it to you for a reason. Academic reading is different than reading for pleasure. If you need it, take a courses to improve your college/academic reading skills.

4. Do your homework? Always Sometimes Never
It sounds easy enough, but when you get busy with life and school, homework gets pushed back when it shouldn’t.

5. Get involved in campus life? Always Sometimes Never
Whether you are in a club or are participating in campus activities, involvement can help you in your classes as well because you have a sense of belonging to school and it is fun to be there. Not all learning occurs in the classroom!

6. Take advantage of campus resources? Always Sometimes Never
Resources, such as the Writing Lab, Academic Success Center, Counseling, and other support services can be invaluable, and most of them are free or covered by your student fees.

7. Balance your home life, work and school? Always Sometimes Never
Take a manageable class load and create a personal schedule for yourself. Time is a finite resource! It's up to you to use it wisely.

8. Study? Always Sometimes Never
Studying is different than just doing assignments and homework. There are many resources to help you develop more active approaches to studying. You can actually take a Study Techniques or College Success course to help you develop more effective study strategies.

9.Track your progress, know your degree requirements? Always Sometimes Never
You should know what classes you need to take in order to graduate. And remember ~ you have to apply to graduate!

10. Stay in touch with your advisor/counselor? Always Sometimes Never
Your counselor or academic advisor can help you avoid repeating or taking unnecessary courses, and answer questions you may have along the way.

11. Safeguard your physical and mental well-being? Always Sometimes Never
Learn and practice how to relax. When exhausted, rest. Eat the proper food. Participate in physical activities. Your success will be hampered, not helped, if you work yourself to a frazzle or get ill by ignoring your body's or mind's basic needs. You can seek out college courses in Stress Management, Nutrition, Health and Wellness, and Physical Education.