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Messages from Payroll: 

IMPORTANT Time & Leave Due Date for Full-Time Faculty, Classified, Exempt, Hourly and Student Employees Time & Leave Sheet due dates for the upcoming pay periods are as follows:

10/16/18 – 10/31/18 Due on Wednesday 10/31/18 by 10:00 am for employees and 12:00 pm for supervisors

11/01/18 – 11/15/18 Due on Tuesday 11/13/18 by 10:00 am for employees and 12:00 pm for supervisors

11/16/18 – 11/30/18 Due on Thursday 11/29/18 by 10:00 am for employees and 12:00 pm for supervisors   

12/01/18 – 12/15/18 Due on Thursday 12/13/18 by 10:00 am for employees and 12:00 pm for supervisors

12/16/18 – 12/31/18 Due on Monday 12/31/18 by 10:00 am for employees and 12:00 pm for supervisors

Questions and Answers:

Question: I see multiple Jobs listed under Create New Timesheet, which one do I choose?

Answer: Always choose the first job that is shown under Job Title. If you work for more than one department, choose the applicable timesheet (your supervisor’s name will be listed for each job).

Question: (Classified only)The holiday hours display K-8, my normal work schedule is 8.75 hours, do I change it?

Answer: Yes, please change the K-8 to reflect your normal work schedule.  If you normally work 8.75 hours on that day, change it to K-8.75.  You will not need to create a comment for holidays.

Question: Who do I call when I need help?

Answer:  If it is a question of how to use the TLR system, call Dima Serhiychuk at Ext 2353, if it is a payroll question call Kylee Lacy (KLacy@columbiabasin.edu) at Ext 2476.

When taking Sick Leave please indicate who the leave is for and a brief description

Template for Leave Comments: Classified Staff (Hours)

Example #1:
03/21/18  3.0 hours  Sick/Daughter/Flu
Went home to take care of sick child

Example #2:
04/12/18  4.0 hours  Vacation

Example #3:
05/14/18-05/18/18 40 hours  Vacation
Normal work week schedule.

Example #4:
07/18/18 4.0 hours Sick/Self/Migraine
Left early 12:30pm - 4:30pm

Template for Leave Comments: Faculty and Exempt (Hours)
Please note 4 (half day) or 8 (whole day) hours of leave per calendar day

Example #1:
07/28/18  8 hours Sick/Son/Stomach ache
Taking care of sick child

Example #2:
02/25/18  8 hours Sick/Self/Head Cold

Example #3:
04/21/18  4 hours Sick/Daughter/Flu
Left early to care for sick child

All leave shall be taken and approved in accordance with applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements

Template for Supervisors comments: Approval of vacation in advance

COMMENTS:  Your vacation request is approved in advance per WPEA contract12.6.(d)  
However, the timesheet is returned to you to re-submit for payroll processing
during the appropriate
MM/DD pay period.